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  • Why iWipe? .

    The era of Dry Toilet Paper ends here; Smart Toilet Paper is the New Future!

    The iWipe Smart Toilet Paper is a three in one paper as demonstrated in the packaging material, a starter pack comes with a free Dispenser.
    1. It can be used Dry the old school style of trial and error. And of cause can be used wet, the "iWipe School" style for effective Bum wipe for that 100% cleanliness. It's here to give you that after bath or after shower experience (feeling of clean) after using the restroom. Why wait until you bath or shower after using the restroom; this Innovation is here to give you that experience while you are seated. With less water and in fact less paper.

    2. Can be use to remove make up and wipe ones smart phone

    3. Can be used to wipe your babies as a flushable baby wipe when made wet.

    Built to fair excellently under wet conditions, hence perfect for that lady pat after the pee; with no worry of anything/balls sticking behind.
    It's a fact here we use less paper yet more cleaner!

    Instruction Manual .