A Massive Game Changer!

Can we take it a step further

The Toilet Paper market can be compared to the red meat market in that you don't know for sure if the meat you have in your plate is indeed beef, a consumer currently fully relies on what the packaging material says with no power whatsoever to prove the authenticity of the wording. The same is currently equally true in the Toilet Paper market.

What if I told you that the consumer in Joburg is not buying the same thing as another consumer in Durban or Cape Town yet the same brand, only the packaging bag stays the same, the content is never the same; often what you buy this month is never the same as what you'll buy next month only the packaging bag stays the same, and of cause the price. This is so because a consumer is not empowered to prove the quality, just like the consumer doesn't have a pot that detect a red meat that shouldn't be on his pot; that pot would be a massive game changer, if it existed...

Such is the iWipe Innovation in the Toilet Paper Industry; it's a massive game changer, it hands power right into the consumer's lap; for the first time, a consumer will be empowered to prove the quality of what's inside the packaging bag (all cheating will be exposed). It's a breath of fresh air (justice) in the entire industry!

For the first time a consumer will be buying constant quality throughout the country/ World, every time. This can only be possible with the iWipe Innovation. The iWipe declares that our paper quality remains constant throughout, no other brand can claim that! Not only do we make a claim we also dare you to prove it any day by simply making it wet; when made wet our paper turns into a wet wipe (It doesn't fall apart instantly, nor stick to your skin or produce balls

that get left behind) at least for the first 30 -50 seconds of wetting (because of our delayed evaporation technology that's factored in the Paper, which makes it a Smart Toilet Paper), if it falls apart, then know it's not our paper - we must have cheated - (it's never going to happen!) you may send it back. Not a single brand can make such a claim. The iWipe Innovation is a Breath of Fresh Air in the entire Industry.

In Wetting toilet paper we don't say wet any toilet paper, but wet only the iWipe Toilet Paper. Not every paper is safe to wet, as some have inks and other toxic chemicals not conducive for wetting/ ingesting; only the iWipe was formulated to be made and used wet; yet still extremely and luxuriously soft. If dipped in water then squeeze the water out of it, the squeezed water is so clean and clear you can drink it, yet our paper doesn't change colour either, even when made wet it stays Snow White. Hence we recommend even on a delicate baby's skin.

Directions for use