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  • How it works?.

    For Bum wiping use as demonstrated in the pictures at the back of the packaging material under "iWipe School"

    - Under Starter, 2 sheets are enough, there are no poking problems with the iWipe Smart Paper.

    - Under Main; you are good with 3 to 4 sheets, 4 is even a lot, just don't exceed four there is no need. (This speaks to two ply, the equivalent is true for one ply)
    When we say "wet" we mean make the paper wet not moisten it; it's got to be dripping wet to really enjoy the soothing experience. Note, don't wet the whole 3 sheets in your hand, only half/part, then fold over and use it immediately, once the dry part and the wet part touch. The dry part is to protect your fingers while scratching yet the wet part is for touching the skin.

    Don't over scratch, 1,2,3,4 five is Max. If you scratch all the way to 10 your 30-50 seconds of wet wipe experience might end and because the material is paper based not Cotten wool based, it'll start acting like paper because you'll have over worked it. Don't over work it, don't over scratch with it, we know the soothing is so sweet but stop at five scratches max and continue with the next round of 3 sheets. Now note, under main there's 3 rounds of wet; go ahead and do the first, then the second, then once you do the third, check your paper before you drop it, if it's still stained then you may proceed to the fourth round but very unlikely, depending on what you may have eaten. Only stop with main once your last wet is not stained. You will know.

    Then the Sweeper/Polisher - the 2 sheets are fine, just to pat dry before you stand up and get your clothes back on. We say be gentle with this dry, because with wet on main you just reached the inside of your bum you could not have reached with anything dry; at this time the bum is still opened with the fragile tissue still out/exposed, hence we say be gentle with the final dry wipe; Remember #Your Bum Matters, and it's a place we care about a great deal...
    Please note that the polisher is really optional. Because at this point you are fresh and refreshed ready to conquer the world with confidence...

    If you are going to use our Smart Paper wet for any of the purposes you wish, don't wet the whole bunch in your hand, only wet half/ part fold over and use it immediately. Don't over scratch with it; just a few scratches then tear another wet it and continue, do again if necessary till you finish the job, whether you are wiping a baby or removing make up, just avoid overworking/ scratching. We recommend tap water for wetting. If you don't wet it but only moisten it you'll overwork it quicker than when Made wet as recommended.

    DIY Instruction

    If for whatever reason the double sided tape at the back of the dispenser doesn't stick on your wall, you may complement it with a super glue - then it should stick stubbornly. Alternatively you may always screw the dispenser onto the wall.

    Lastly if your kids or anyone else tempers with the pump of the bottle by unscrewing it, make sure you screw it back on tightly to avoid any leak. Have a Happy wiping..."