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    That's where we come in, with the world's first Smart Toilet Paper!... The Only Toilet Paper with intelligence... The Only Toilet Paper that turns into a wet wipe when made wet - with delayed evaporation which last for about 50 seconds of wetting. Thereafter it's back to paper, as such safe to flush...

    This is Beyond Toilet Paper! Forget everything you've known about toilet paper - this right here is next level!

    Forget Soft, upgrade to Soothing... Once you go wet (Soothing) , You'll never go back! This changes everything; Try It for yourself!

    Testimonials .

    The product is awesome, very effective and really gets the job done.

    This is a great solution for effectively cleaning your bum, cloe to 100%

    You have not cleaned your bum properly if youve not used iWipe products